Al's Bow Collection

Here are the bows in my collection, there are more, but these are all I have photos of:

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Martin Kam Act
1974 Donated by Don Lovo

Howatt Eldorado

Jennings Original
Compound 1974

PSE Presidential
Citation 86 - Note
engraved hardware

Bear Custom Victor
Viking 1972 26
pieces of wood in the handle Beautiful!

Appollo Ingfisher
All Metal

The Bow that started it all, the Original
Allen Compound

Bear Tamerlane
Compound 1978

Hand-made longbow
Ivan Buchanan 1960s

Bowmar Handle Chek-Mate Limbs custom bow Made & shot by Pro   Archer Cec Meehan

Sight on the Appollo

King fisher's limb

Seefab Centuar made
in Sweden

Seefab's sight

Seefab's limb tip

Chek-Mate Exbow
Forward Handle
Custom made Yew wood limbs

Chek-Mate Killian
Folding Compound
Custom Engraved
Levers & parts 1977

Chek-Mate Folding
Compound all
Chrome parts

Chek-Mate Longbow

Chek-Mate Squire
First Chek-Mate bow with cams 1982

Chek-Mate Squire
with Kudlachek

Colt Recurve

Pro Staff Bow 1975

Cupid CT100
Pro Staff Bow 1978

Cupid CT100 Plastic
Fantastic Bow Finish 1978

Delo 1960s

Al's First Good Bow
Hoyt Pro Medalist

Hoyt Pro Medalist Donated by M. Darrell

Original Hoyt TD1

Hoyt Gold Medalist

Wing Presentation
II Used by Larry

Napo 1960s

Custom made for Al

PSE Mach 9

Canadian (BC/Ladysmith) made Williams*

Canadian (BC/Ladysmith) made Williams*

Black Bear II

Custom Made Black Widow by Bruce Somers

Black Widow Shot by Roy Jarvis

Custom made
Recurve Ivan  Buchanan note take down handle

Another by Buchanan hand engraved handle

Barnett Crossbow Used in the TV series 'Alienated'

Olympus Bow
Early 1970s
Donated by Dave Ball

Flight Bow
Early 60s Ivan Buchanan

Howatt Century 21 Early 60s
Ed Worthington on side of grip

Close up of grip of Century 21 beautiful workmanship!

Browning Wasp
Early 70s

Another Custom made Buchanan Bow

60s era Martin Shot by Dick Coulson

Williams Raven sold for $36 in 1963*

Hoyt Ultra Tech

Hoyt Ultra Elite

Allen Hunter
Early 70s
Donated by:  G. Wagner

Custom Cupid 2 wheeler with Kudlacek wheels

One of a kind Turkish bow brought from Turkey donated by the Lovo Family

Collection of ancient bows in our house donated by the Lovo family

English made Orbit Target Crossbow donated by the Lovo family

PSE Presidential Citation (80s)note engraving
donated by the Lovo family

Golden Eagle with inlays 1980s

PSE Crossfire 1983 Model never fired!

Original Bowman Forward Handle with Chekmate Yew Wood limbs Donated by Phil Rich

Golden Eagle
late 1980s
Donated by Dan Beausoleil

Golden Eagle 1989 (never been shot outdoors) Donated by Dan Beausoleil

Onieda Eagle

Bear Delta V
Radical Cams

PSE Cararra
Donated by Harvey Hart

Hoyt Medalist
Donated by Harvey Hart

Apollo Falcon
1950s England
Donated by Vilho Myllyniemi

Appollo tips and grip

Browning Challenge Donated by Dan Beausoleil

Original add for Browning Challenge

Shooting Star by Star Bows Donated by Ron Boorman

Allen Speedster
Never Shot - c/w original box and packing
Weaver Bows
Handmade longbows by T.J. Smith 1930s
Donated by Helen Weaver click here to view write up
Art's PSE
Art Libenau PSE Hunter Donated by Vi Muir
Stemmler Bow supposedly the longest compound ever 52" Donated by Steve Ruis
ruis tamerlane
Bear Tamerlane donated by Steve Ruis
allen hunter ruis
Allen Hunter Compound Steve Ruis
allen hunter ruis2
Allen Hunter 2 Steve Ruis
Allen 3 Ruis
Allen Compound
Steve Ruis
Custom Victor Viking
Another example of the Beautiful Bear Victor
Golden Eagle
Pro Line Golden Eagle known as the 'spot remover'
Donated by June Montenegro
Jennings Twin Star
Inuit Pitiksik
Inuit Pitisik (Bow) and Kardjuk (Arrow) Caribou antler and gut
More Information

Les Dunsdon
Canadian Champ Deluxe donated by Gilles Bois
Big Foot Bow
Big Foot Bow
Made in the '80s in Taber AB
Bear Tartar '60s
Donated by Carron Carson 2016
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Bear Tamerlan3
Beautiful '60s Bear Tamerlane Donated by Niel Cosgrove 

* a fascinating look at the life and career of Art Williams