Al's Archery Hat Collection

Have always collected Archery Hats, finally have started orgainizing them, here's the start:

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1973? 1983 Keaggy School 1984 Labatt Olympic Hat 84 LA Olympica Archery Canada Boss  
from 1973? 1983 Arizona Archery Academy Dave Keaggy (I was on the staff) 1984 Painter Style Hat LA Olympics - these were very sought after! 1984 LA Olympic Visor AC Boss
Special Archery Hat Presented to Al in the early '80s
83 BC Indoo 1984 Canadian Vicroria 85BC Summer Games 85 Canadian 86 BC indoor Kamloops  
1983 BC Indoor Chilliwack, BC 1986 Canadian Championships Victoria cap style 1985 BC Summer Games Nanaimo 1985 Canadian Championships Caledon ON 1986 BC Outdoor Smithers BC  
86 BC Summer Games 86 Canadian 1988 Vegas Shoot 88 Vegas2 89 BC Indoor PG  
1986 BC Summer Games Cranbrook 1986 Canadian Championships Victoria 1988 Vegas Shoot 1988 Vegas Shoot 2 1988 BC Indoor Prince George  
91 World Championships Crakow Poland 91 Crakow 1992 BC Indoor 1993 Cdn 3D Championships AB 93 Canadian  
1991 World Championships Crakow Poland Bucket 1991 World Championships Crakow Poland Painter style (2) 1992 BC Indoor Prince George
1983 Canadian 3D Championships Alberta 1993 Canadian Championshps Fredericton, NB  
94 Commonwealth Games 1995 Vegas 98 Cdn Jonquiere QC  
1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games Another 94 Commonwealth Games 1995 Vegas Shoot 1995 World Championships Jakarta IND 1998 Canadian Championships Jonqiere, QC  
96 Vegas Hat 97TeamCanad  
1996 Vegas Shoot 1996 World Junior San Diego 1997 World Championship Canadian Team Hat Autographed and presented to Al 1997 World Championships Victoria, BC Canada 1997 Team Canada  
1999 Pan Am Games Winnipeg  
1999 World Championships Rion France 1999 Pan Am Games Winnipeg 2001 Canadian Championships Winnipeg 2002 Canadian Championships Halifax 2003 - 66th Canadian Championships Victoria  
IXPanAMGames 1993Utah WC      
2005Canadian Championships Saint John NB IX Pan Am Archery Valencia Ven 1993 Utah World Cup      
04 Cdn 3$ 05 WC Madrid 06 Cdn 3D 07 Cdn 3D  
2003 World Championships New York City - gift from Mark Miller 2004 Canadian 3D Championships Prince George, BC 2005 World Championships Madrid 2006 Canadian 3D Championships Lethbridge, AB 2007 Canadian 3D Championships Barrie ON  
07 Cdn champs 2008 Cdn 08 Pan Ams 09 Cdn 10 Cdn Champs  
2007 Canadian Championships Ontario 2008 Canadian Championships Winnipeg 2008 Pan Amercian Archery Championships Venezula 2009
Canadian Championships Laval Qc
2010 Canadian Championships Halifax NS  
10 Olympics 12 Canadian champs 13 Canadian champs 14 World Cup 15 Cdn  
2010 Olympic Games Vancouver BC 2012 Canadian Championships Victoria, BC 2013 Canadian Championships Woodstock NB 2014 World Cup Medellin, Colombia 2015 Canadian Championships Winnipeg, MB  
Alternative Archery Arc Expert 1988 Archery West Pink  
Alternative Archery Arc Experts Mexico Archery Canada 198? South American Archery Archery West  
Archers Den Gold Fever ArcheryGuyConsulting Archery Guy Consulting Yellow AW Archery mirror  
Archers Den Edmonton Archers Have Gold Fever Archery Guy Consulting Archery Guy Consulting Al Wills Archery (yep, it's mirror image)  
Axcel Archery Bejing bow shop Browning Coparco  
Axcel Archery Beijing Archery The Bow Shop Browning Archery Gift from Cec Meehan Coparco  
Blacktail Bear Archery Bowman Archery Brite Site Cdn Archery supply  
Blacktail Archery
Vancouver Island
Bear Archery Bowman Archery Accu Flyte Bow Brite Site Canadain Archery Supply  
BHWorld BlackFly Boorman condom Fred Bear Museum  
Bowhunting World BlackFly Archery Mckenzie BC Boorman Archery it's not archery, but its cute!! Fred Bear Museum  
Cowichan Sr Games doinker Elkhorn Hotel Golden Key Lancaster Archery  
BC Seniors Games 2005 Cowichan BC Doinker Stabilizers Elkhorn Hotel 2007 - not an archery hat, my Dad owned this hotel in the 60s Golden Key Futura - Freddy Troncoso Lancaster Archery  
Darton Excalibur Hotel Boorman Team Skookum    
Darton Archery Excalibur Hotel - I was staying there at the Vegas Shoot Boorman Team Skookum Archers - Thanks Lorrie!    
Hot Shot Jennigs Kamloops Kudlachek Hoyt9  
Hot Shot Archery Jennigs Compund Bows Kamloops Archery Club Kudlachek Archery Hoyt Archery  
Hoyt 75 Hoyt Easton Team Hoyt Team Hoyt 2 Team Hoyt 3  
Hoyt 75th Anniversary Hoyt Easton Team Hoyt Team Hoyt Hoyt '90s  
Martin Archery MB Archery OAA PSE PSE Shooting Staff  
Martin Archery Manitoba Archery Ontario Archery Association PSE Archery PSe Archery  
Martin ANFAA North Country NC Archery PAA  
Martin Archery NFAA North Country Archery North Country Archery Professional Archery Association (PAA)  
PSE Shooting Staff PSE Shoot Out PSE Camo Richmond Scotia Bowmen  
PSE Shooting Staff PSE Pete Sheply Desert Shoot out PSE Camo Richmond Archery Centre Scotia Bowmen Halifax NS  
Sure Flyte SA T&F US Archer Archery West Yellow  
Sure Flyte Archery South American Archery T&F Country Sports - Ted and Flo Stern Prince George, BC US Archer Archery West Yellow  
vb World Archery WPAA      
Victoria Bowmen World Archery Western Professional Archers Association ('70s/80s)